The International Museum of Electrography – Innovation Centre in Art and New Technologies (MIDECIANT) of Cuenca is a museum and research centre (labelled as a lab-museum) which belongs to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), whose regular staff forms part of several departments of the university (mainly of Fine Arts, Art History, Humanities, Technical and Computer Engineering).

As a museum, MIDE has a collection of more than four thousand artworks of electrographic and digital art, which are stored and distributed to be consulted by scholars and researchers who request them.
Museum (Collections and Archives)
Research and Innovation
Creation / Production


The collections of the MIDE are associate to the AEMA of Fine Arts of Cuenca.


Guided tours and access to MIDE funds.
Access to archives and documentary database.
Permanent program of grants and scholarships to artists and researchers, for the development of projects.

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Our Team

The people that made it all happen.
Ana Navarrete Tudela
Ana Navarrete Tudela

Director of MideCiant

Principal investigator (PI) of the Spanish Archive of Media Art (SAOMA  I+D). Teacher in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UCLM, (Cuenca, Spain), since 1990. PI of the  INDEVOL group research.  

Patricia Aragón Martín
Patricia Aragón Martín

Webmaster of MideCiant

Participates in the research AEMA I+D group. Predoctoral researcher, visual artist and interaction and multimedia designer. Member of the INDEVOL research group.

Adoración Saiz
Adoración Saiz

Manager of MideCiant

    Ana Alarcón

    Collaboration Scholarship

      Roberto Alcalde
      Roberto Alcalde

      Collaboration Scholarship

      Humanities student: Cultural History. Computer technician. Basically I'm in charge of managing any issue that may arise.

      Ignacio Page Valero
      Ignacio Page Valero

      Board Scholarship UCLM

      Graduated in Fine Arts and student of the Master's Degree in Teachers from Compulsory Secondary Education and Bachiller. (UCLM). Collaboration Scholarship for the documentation and digitization of Collection of Works of Mail Art.

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      Edifico Antonio Saura, Campus UCLM. C/ Camino del Pozuelo, s/n 16071 Cuenca, SPAIN.
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      E-mail: mide@uclm.es Phone: (+34) 969 179 115