The Cuenca’s CAAC open an exhibition tribute to  Copy Artist Fernando Canales

The School of Fine Arts of Cuenca is holding until November 20 the exhibition “The Heritage of Memory”, in tribute to the artist and professor of UCLM Fernando Canales, on the 20th anniversary of his death

The exhibition “The Heritage of Memory”, a tribute to Fernando Canales was inaugurated yesterday at the School of Fine Arts of Cuenca at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. The event, organized by the Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art (CAAC) of Cuenca, will remain open until November 20 at the Small Hall of the Faculty.

The tribute was attended by the widow of Canales, Esther Graciá; his daughter, Marina Canales and a large number of friends and colleagues of the artist and professor at the School of Art of Cuenca. The event was presented by José Ramón Alcalá, friend and artistic partner of Canales; by Ruben Tortosa, friend and curator of the exhibition; by Maria Angeles Zurilla, Vice Chancellor of Culture and University Extension; by the Dean of the Faculty, Francisco Javier Díez de Baldeón and Patxi Andión, director of the Art Department.

The Vice Chancellor opened the inauguration ceremony valuing the importance of the exhibition and honored, whom the participants agreed to describe as “a special person”. Meanwhile, an excited Ruben Tortosa spoke of the beginnings of the School, which he described as a “heroic age” and noted the “intimate character” of the exhibition. Baldeón and Andión stressed in his speech the figure of Canales as well as interest in “back the Faculty to his best.” José Ramón Alcalá used his speech to read a text tribute to his colleague and friend and to thank the participants and the organization of the exhibition.

Both Esther Graciá and Marina Canales they were very excited at the opening and thanked the attendees for their presence. Through this exhibition, the CAAC of Cuenca, in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts and the Council of Cuenca, intended to highlight the figure of Fernando Canales in the 20th anniversary of his death.




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