Cuenca’s CAAC publishes a catalog of its Collections and Archives

This work represents the end of MINECO and ERDF projects which during the last two years have been developed in the Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art of the School of Fine Arts of Cuenca, at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

The catalog of the Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art (CAAC) of Cuenca, edited by José Ramón Alcalá and Vicente Jarque, assisted in the coordination by Beatriz Escribano, and designed by Héctor Morejón, has been finally published, after two years of intense work around the projects MINECO Ref. HAR2013-48604-C2-1-P and Castilla-La Mancha with European funds, ERDF Ref. P011-2014-002-P. Both projects, ending in December, will have their continuity with the MINECO project “Spanish Archive of Media Art” which will be directed by Ana Navarrete (UCLM) and Miguel Ángel Marzal (UC3M).

The catalog, published in the Caleidoscopio Collection of the University of Castilla-La Mancha Editions, contains ten subcatalogues: a first subcatalog of presentation of the CAAC with text by editors and other by Francisco Jarauta; another subcatalog on the concept of Archives and museum on XXI century, written by Oliver Grau and eight more subcatalogues corresponding to each of the Collections and Archives that make up the Cuenca´s CAAC: Virtual Archive Performing Arts, by Zara Prieto; Pedro Almodóvar Archives, by Ignacio Oliva; International Museum of Eelctrography, by José Ramón Alcalá and Beatriz Escribano; Print Media, by Enrique Martínez Leal; Funds of Graphic Art of Gallery Juana Mordó, by Ramón Freire; GME, by Sylvia Molina, Javier Osona, Julio Sanz Vázquez, Daniel del Saz and Antonio J. Alcázar; Parkett, by Armando Montesinos and Experimental Creation Centre by Javier Ariza.

The catalog can be purchased through the website of the UCLM Publications Service ( and sales portal Amazon.

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