MIDECIANT co-editor of the magazine “Observatorio Iberoamericano de Arte Digital y Electrónico”

We want to share with you the first issue of the Magazine Observatorio Iberoamericano de Arte Digital y electrónico. Edited by “Nodos Uruguay”, the “Observatorio Iberoamericano de Arte Digital y Electrónic” and its own, “MIDECIANT”.

The Publication of the Observatorio Iberoamericano de Arte Digital y electrónico is a periodic magazine that gives voice to the activities and actions of the Ibero-American Network of Digital and Electronic Arts. Formed by a large group of professionals from various countries linked to Media Art on both sides of the Atlantic and united by a common language and culture. To which universities such as the UCLM, art centers, museums such as MIDECIANT, public and private artistic and cultural foundations, as well as professionals from the world of art have also joined.

We highlight in the publication, the article published on the AEMA project, Spanish Archive of Media Art. “MUSEALIZACIÓN, HISTORIFICACIÓN Y DIVULGACIÓN DEL MEDIA ART. Experiencias y problemáticas” by José Ramón Alcalá Mellado of the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, (Spain).

Download the publication here

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