The CAAC of Cuenca inaugurate two new exhibitions in the Paraninfo of the UCLM

The exhibitions “Poéticas de lo Múltiple” and “How to break a screen” are part of two artistic projects related to different fields and techniques and in which the work of around thirty artists is exhibited.

The Contemporary Art Collections and Archives (CAAC) of Cuenca have inaugurated two new exhibitions in the framework of international projects and in which thirty artists participate. The first one is the exhibition “Poéticas de lo Múltiple”, which is framed within the International Project of EnREDadas Exhibitions, initiative sponsored by UNESCO and curated by Beatriz Escribano at the headquarters of Cuenca (nº 27). Around 50 artists sent work for this call, among which the organization selected 29 pieces.

The second exhibition, by the artist Manuel Minch, is entitled “How to break a screen”, in which he presents his latest pieces of art in different media and which, according to the author, “respond to digital logics that have been transferred to physical space . These transpositions of concepts are developed outside the digital universe, therefore, they are dependent on human interpretation and the languages ​​of their environment.”

Both samples, installed in the Auditorium of the UCLM, campus of Cuenca, will remain open to the public until Friday, June 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 8 pm.



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