Editorial project: Media Art Notebooks.

The editorial project of MideCiant focuses on the dissemination and study of Media Art under the collection title: Media Art Notebooks. This editorial collection assumes the role of transfer, and education that corresponds to MIDECIANT: International Museum of Electrography-Innovation Center in Art and New Technologies, making the archive, the catalog and the classification visible.

MIDE began its journey in May 1990, during these 30 years it has dedicated a very important part to the production, cataloging, storage and preservation of more than 10,000 works of digital graphic art, spread over 5 major collections: mail art, digital electronic art, digital graphics, copy art, fax art; and how CIANT Center for Innovation in Art and New Technologies, since 2005, offers a large documentation space, with all kinds of documentary resources.

The editorial project that we started will allow, after 30 years of research and collection of resources, the dissemination of collections, authors and works of Media Art, with the aim of tracing genealogies, and contributing to the construction of an archeology of these practices.

This proposal is endorsed by the history of MIDECIANT and by the curriculum of the researchers involved in numerous projects throughout its 30-year history.

In Spain there are no specific publications on this field, so this collection will contribute to building the Media Art History story, its cartographies, the memory of these works and collections that are helping to weave a story that has yet to be shaped.


Description of the different sections that are part of the CMA editorial collection (Media Art Notebooks).

CMA Archives addresses those publications that work around the Media Art Archives. It operates in two areas, on the one hand, those publications that allow us to trace genealogies and enrich the field of Media Art History, and on the other, the disjunctive Archives ( fanzines, artist books, postal art, sound art …) practices that by their own logic resist the logic of the art archive.

CMA Studies (studies derived from the theses related to MIDECIANT’s lines of research and related I+D+i projects). As its name suggests, this section will deal with the studies that have contributed to the field of Media Art carried out by researchers linked to MIDECIANT and the research groups attached to it. The doctoral thesis must be adapted to a format determined by the Editorial Board.

CMA Projects will be the section dedicated to the publication of new artistic projects in the field of Media Art. We propose that this section contribute to the collection contemporary visions of the intersection between art, science and technology from artistic practice. In this section the format will be linked to the editorial proposal, each book in this section will have its own format. The edition will itself be a device of the project.


Publications of the CMA collection (Media Art Notebooks).