Museums and New Media Art: in/compatible systems. Pau WAELDER

This class focuses on the complex relationship between the institutions of the art world and the artistic practices linked to new media, from the transgressive proposals of net art to the progressive though unfinished integration of works of digital art in the collections of some museums. Examining both the problems involved in the conservation and dissemination of unstable art and the pre-eminence of temporary exhibitions in front of permanent collections, we will see how in their interaction with new technologies both artistic practices and museums themselves are transformed.

Pau WAELDER is an art critic, curator and researcher specialized in art and new media. Doctor in Information and Knowledge Society from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), where he works as a collaborative professor in undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s subjects. He has curated several exhibitions of contemporary and digital art, including: Real Time. Art in real time (Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona), Remote Signals (ARS Center, Tallinn, Estonia) and Data Cinema (Media Art Futures, Murcia). He has published articles and essays in various publications, including contemporary art magazines Art Press (France), ETC Media (Canada) and (Spain). As editor of the Media Art section of the magazine, it has a fixed section devoted to exploring the relationship between digital art and the art market.


Presentation: Internet Moon Gallery. Manuel MINCHERO y Álvaro PORRAS

The Internet Moon Gallery platform emerged as a non profit proposal to support and accommodate the contemporary needs of the artist working in the network. Every night of the full moon a new exhibition is published in which artists and curators investigate, build and generate unpublished projects in this VR / 360 space. IMG does not seek to export these digital works to delimited physical spaces, its purpose is to facilitate the visualization of digital works in comfortable environments for the visitor.­




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