Italian artist Pierluigi Vannozzi donates an important batch of artworks to the International Museum of Electrographic Artworks

The International Museum of Electrography (MIDE) has received a batch comprising by numerous artworks donated by the Italian artist Pierluigi Vannozzi (Bologna, 1946), one of the most representative authors of the Copy Art movement in the world 

The International Museum of Electrography (MIDE) has recently received a very special donation: one from the Italian artist Pierluigi Vannozzi, one of the most important authors of the artistic movement Copy Art, which revolves around the use of the copying machine with an artistic purpose and whose main importance is not so much in the result, as in the process.

Vannozzi production was focused until the 70 in the field of analytical and conceptual art. And since then, his artistic research focused on the use of new technologies at all times: the photocopy machine, video and computer. Within the use of the photocopier, he is one of the first to experiment with their creative use in Italy and founder of the artistic group PostMachina, who makes cultural events around photography, video, computer and photocopier.

In his work with the copying machine he has worked experimentally and checking the various possibilities of the machine as well as various concepts like grammar of perception, the problem of repetition, the sign and the call “Photocopy d’Autore” among others. In recent years he has focused on working with Polaroid instant photography, which changed back to plastic element.

Certainly the reception of this work would not have been possible without the generosity of the Italian author, who has shown great interest in making the donation.




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