What is SAOMA?

The Spanish Archive of Media Art has the aim of locating, classifying and promoting all art production and new media developed in Spain or deposit in collections and centers of Spanish territory from its origins (in the mid-twentieth century) to Currently With the support of the MINECO VOREMETUR excellence project (Vocabularies for a Network of Archives and Art Media Collections and its effects: metallization and knowledge tourism), the Carlos III University of Madrid and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, with separate teams Formats by researchers, professors and professionals. Works in the search, compilation, cartographic construction and promotion and dissemination of Spanish Media Art.

AEMA represents one more action within the set-ups by the international network centers, dedicated to this artistic field, being attached to the Ibero-American network that manages the Ibero-American Observatory of Electronic and Digital Arts (OIADE).

The construction and dissemination project of the EEA seeks to alleviate the deficit of documentation and information in the medium of art in Spain, through the identification, cataloging and labeling of artistic works. historical as well as contemporary. Including all the things that reveal the origins of media art, from the art of copying, the art of video or the art of the computer to the art of new media.

The collections of artistic media will be accessible and disseminated through linked open data. In addition to the digitalization of content in a digital repository of global scope, the project is responsible for building relationships around the works of the media that are exploited and contextualized, while other functions that work in parallel are maintained, like the creation of a Thesaurus with documentary languages ​​in red to catalog and preserve the manifestations of Media Art.