What are the CAAC-Cuenca?

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Contemporary Art’s Archives & Collections of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca (Spain) [CAAC-Cuenca], is a mark that emerge in late 2012 with the intention of bringing together the set of centers, museums, collections and archives that some teachers-researchers have been built since the creation of the Faculty, in 1986. The aim is to achieve after all these years compiling heritage resources with a common framework of artistic practices developed by the alternative avant-gardes which emerged over the second half of the twentieth century and early twenty-first.

Actually, by the name CAAC-Cuenca are grouped: the International Museum of Electrographic Artworks (MIDE), the Center for Experimental Establishment (CREA) and its Sound-Art Archives, the Performing Arts Archives (ARTEA), the Parkett Collection of Multiple Art, the Juana Mordo Collection of Contemporary Prints, and the Graphic & Multiple Art Collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. From the CAAC-Cuenca it is also managed the film files belonging to Pedro Almodóvar UCLM Center, and the sound art files from the historical Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music of the Provincial Council of Cuenca.

CAAC-Cuenca meets the objective of pooling efforts and resources in a universitary community particularly dented by the current economic crisis, trying to give greater visibility, dissemination and accessibility to all these collections and heritage resources of such great importance and international prestige, to put them at the service of research in contemporary arts.

Its funds are one of the most important collections in the world, because of its rarity, variety, and specialization, covering works, objects and documents of media arts, ranging from the late sixties to the present.

The importance of these contemporary art funds adds to the existence, for over two decades, of various workshops and laboratories for experimental creation using these technological resources, which have been running in parallel with the management of all these funds and resources, also collaborating in the construction of an important part of this heritage. Co-existence of these endowments and the results of the workshops and laboratories, has enabled a large variety and quantity of original documentary related to the development of numerous processes and materials produced in these as well as the intellectual legacy emerged from the room and passage through the centers of the most prominent artists from the international scene and the subsequent environment for discussion and exchange of ideas occurred in their areas.

CAAC-Cuenca constitutes an important educational resource to students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate that currently offers the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. Likewise, funds and resources are permanently available to researchers, specialists and scholars, both through their physical spaces specially set up for that purpose, such as online, through its various networked virtual spaces.